What is Voices of YOUth?


A youth mission program of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church,  we are a group of both youth and adults who have a passion for music and combine it with mission to Connect the World through Christ.

Frequently asked questions:

How long has VOY been in operation?

Voices of YOUth began in 1986 and has provided unique opportunities for missions and music ever since.  

How long are we gone during the summer?

        Because our missions involve

           construction, cultural exchange, and                 music, the total length is about two and             a half to three weeks.  This allows time             for training on: tools & technology;

           language and cultural norms; music and

           worship arts. We spend at least one full

           week in mission and one full week of

           worship. Travel time and 

           adventures are also a part of the 2 1/2-

           3 week journey.

What are the age requirements for the youth? 

        Minimum age of 14 before June 15th, 

           2019 or enrolled as a Freshman in high

           school for the 2019-2020 year.

        Maximum age of youth - 21 or completion

           of college. After 21 you may travel with

          us as an adult.

How do I raise money for the trip?

        There are a variety of successful

          fundraisers that you can do at your

          church or in your community. Also, the

          more people we have, the less the

          journey costs.  Please email us for

          financial concerns or suggestions for


Do I have to sing?

           Well, at some point - yes.

           All youth are expected to lend their

           voices during our  worship services

           during our travel week in Virginia. This

           looks different for everyone.  Not

           everyone is a soloist, some help out 

           more with tech/media... all are

           appreciated for what they can do.

What if I don't know how to sing?

          No experience is necessary - we have a

          terrific director who can work with

          ANYONE.  Everyone's strengths are                utilized to enhance the overall sound of            the group.

What if I play guitar or other instrument?

       GREAT!!  In April/May we make our   

           accompaniment tracks, so maybe

           you can help with this.  Also we may

           be able to use instruments for worship

           this year.

How do we practice during the year?

       We meet for a weekend "retreat" during

           the early Spring where we work

           together on a service project, begin

           learning our music and record

           practice tracks for everyone to take                   home and learn their part from.

           There is NO CHARGE for the retreat.

I'm an adult, can I be a chaperone?

        YES! We need assistance with a variety

           of things including devotion planning,

           construction training, driving, logistics,

           photography, sound set-up,

           slide-shows/power-points, etc.  We

          need both male and female chaperones.

When should I apply? 

          As soon as possible.

          The initial deposit reserves your plane              ticket.  This has to be done as quickly                as possible.

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